Top Five Fun Things You Can Do With an RC Car

August 06, 2017

Top Five Fun Things You Can Do With an RC Car

Remote Controlled cars are fun for loads of things. Most loyal fans and hobbyists always love to play around and improvise and upgrade on these types of cars.

Here are some of the top 5 things you can do with an RC car. But be ready for some major repairs for some of these entertaining acts.

You can build a ramp

Ramps are a must have for anyone with an RC car. They are fun to play and work with as you can do almost anything you wouldn’t do with a regular car on the road. Besides, you won’t be in any danger but still manage to have loads of fun as you would on a road show or Rhino Charge.

You can mount a Camera on it

If you want to get a better view of your RC car on the action, you can always mount a small camera on it. This enables you to zoom in on everything the remote control car sees as well as get a new perspective of the whole road experience.


You can also create some cans and see how many the RC car can crush. Just ensure that the cans are empty so as to limit the damage on the RC car.

Mud and Snow Running

You can also take the RC car out in the snow or mud and let it run and get stuck. You can have much fun trying to get it out without using your hands.


You can also take two RC cars of varying power play and let them tug-o-war with a rope until one pulls the other over the line.